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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 13, 2014 11:30am-1:01pm PDT

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miss, you ctweet them to us. hope to see you here next week. we begin with an apparent conflict in the obama administration over how to consider ilts military strategy against isis, after the white house and pentagon claim we are quote at war with isis, after john kerry called it an anti-major terrorism operation and said the word war is the wrong terminology. >> all of this as the president uses his weekly address to further sell his plan to take on the terrorists to the american people. >> our intelligence community
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has not yet detected specific isil plots against the homeland but leaders repeatedly threaten the united states and if left unchecked, these terrorists could pose a growing threat beyond the middle east, including to the united states. mean while, the terror group currently controls an area of size of maryland committing untold atrocities and displacing people. here's more on this story. hi, molly. >> white house and pentagon officials say we're at war, secretary of state john kerry says quote, war is the wrong terminology. today we heard about the fight against the islamic terrorist group isis or isil from the president and here's how he described it. >> what's needed is a targeted relentless counterterrorism campaign against isil that combines american air power and contributions from allies and partners and more support to forces fighting these terrorists on the ground. that's exactly what we're doing.
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we're moving ahead with our campaign of air strikes against these terrorists and prepared to take action against isil in syria as well. >> that matches with secretary kerry said earlier this week that the battle against isis is a quote very significant counter terrorism operation. kerry is in egypt working on a coalition to help fight isis. republicans in congress say the obama administration needs to press countries in that region to get involved. >> we would like to see saudi arabia, kuwait, the uae, pay for this because frankly, you know, their necks are on the block in terms of isis and the attempt to overthrow those regimes. they should be stepping forward. they are providing training bases but how about troops and how about paying for this and their aircraft joining some of the nato aircraft? >> the cia estimates that the number of isis fighters has more than doubled this summer.
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>> molly, thank you very much for that report. >> we're going to go to the pennsylvania state police press conference commissioner frank noonan, this after investigators say a gunman ambushed two officers at a barracks overnight. one killed and one undergoing surgery but in stable condition. >> here in pike county. two of our troopers were shot. one of them was killed, corporal byron dickson. wounded was trooper alex t. douglass. he is in stable but critical condition. he's been in surgery and all of our hopes and prayers with him and the family of corporal
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dickson. this is a traumatic event for the pennsylvania state police and all of law enforcement in pennsylvania. and it has touched us to the core that some an event could happen. i've been talking on a very regular basis with governor corbett, who wish to join us up here today and may join us later this weekend. but i asked him not to because we have an accoutive shooter an active crime scene going on and he did not wish to take resources away from our endeavor to apprehend in individual. no one is in custody. i understand that many members of the community are concerned and i wish i could lessen their concern. but we have a very dangerous armed criminal that is already killed one pennsylvania state trooper and wounded another. that is not in custody and we do
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not believe any particular person is specifically at risk. this attack was directed specifically at law enforcement and the specifically the pennsylvania state police. but, everyone should be aware of their surroundings and what's happening and if anything is out of the ordinary, they should not hesitate to call our barracks in honesdale, if you would refrain -- no one should be calling the blooming grove barracks right now because of the incident going on there and our examination of evidence that we're doing at that point. one thing i would like to mention is to try to explain what is meant in law enforcement by a person of interest. i have several hundred troopers and law enforcement agents that are investigating this case right now. we're talking to many people.
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there is no specific person that is a suspect. just because someone is being interviewed or we're looking to interview them, does not mean they are a suspect in any way, no one is in custody. and i don't want anyone to be unfairly tarnished by misapprehension that this person or that person may have done something illegal when what we're doing is talking to hundreds of people. we're going to talk to hundreds more before this is over with. that's the way an investigation like this has got to go. corporal, if you would explain about the crime stoppers. >> the pennsylvania state police through crimestoppers is prepared to offer up to $20,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of an individual responsible for this crime. if anyone has information, we'll provide the number here shortly. you can contact our hones dale
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station or call 1-800-4-patips and crime stoppers will provide the information onto the pennsylvania state police. we hope that if someone out there has some piece of information that might be helpful, that they will come forward. >> thank you. >> as always, if you you have any concern, public has any concern, they can call 911 and that will get them the quickest response. as i mentioned, this attack was an ambush. our troopers were leaving the barracks and were shot without warning and really had no chance to defend themselves. it's a cowardly attack and attack upon all of us in society and people of pennsylvania. when people attack law enforcement in this cowardly way. we're looking for the cooperation of the public,
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whether it's money that would motivate you or just outrage at this terrible act. we would ask them to come forward if they have any suspicions in this particular case. because i can tell you, the pennsylvania state police and law enforcement in general women not rest until in individual is apprehended. i would like to thank in particular the new york state police and jersey state police, all of the local police in pennsylvania, the many contacts we've been given by support. the pennsylvania attorney general, everyone that is -- the law enforcement in this state in the country, the fbi, dea and atf are all focused on this case and we were going to do everything in our power to resolve it. i would also at this time like to turn the microphones over to the district attorney. >> i'm the district attorney of pike county. we absolutely stand with the
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pennsylvania state police in this matter and we've been actively helping them during their investigation. they are a fine law enforcement agent and with the assistance of many other both state, local and national law enforcement agencies, they are putting forth 'very effort to determine the individual or individuals responsible for this reprehengsible and unbelievable criminal act. >> although we're not going to be furnishing too much concerning the investigation because it is ongoing but if you have general questions, i would happy to take them now and people may would be able to answer them. >> first of all, condolences to everyone. >> thank you. >> and to families of these troopers. first and foremost, you described this person who --
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involved in this last night as dangerous, armed and dangerous. how should the community be acting? should they be going outdoing business? maybe after dark? do they stay home this evening until this person is apprehended. >> anything i tell you is based on my experience but no one can really -- until we have this person in custody, obviously everyone should have cautious and aware there's a dangerous criminal on the loose. however, by the nature of this act, it seemed to be directed towards government. and in particular the pennsylvania state police. so based on that, i'm not sure that the public has any particular need to worry. it is -- seems to be an attack on law enforcement and perhaps our form of government. i don't know. but i can't quiet anyone's fears because we don't have the person in custody.
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thank you. >> >> towards the department or anyone in the department? >> i can't discuss that. >> what i would add as well -- >> we've been listening to the news conference tw the state police over the tragedy. the blunt tragedy of an officer being attacked and killed, another one, critically wounded in what they say is a brazen attack against our government and against law enforcement in the key stone state. officials saying that there's a person of interest they describe as being armed and dangerous. there were reports that the police who were investigating or talking to someone, we do is not have that confirmed and as of now one state trooper has been killed. brian dickson leaves a wife named tiffany, two young sons, one in kindergarten and one in second great and other officer is in stable but critical condition operated on by the hospital. still dealing with the situation as to motive and reason and why and when.
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they will get their suspect who they say on the run armed and dangerous. we'll bring you the latest as we get the updates on this tragic police shooting? pennsylvania. >> eric, woer going to move to politics. hillary clinton visiting iowa this weekend, greeting voters at a steak fry on sunday as new cnnorc poll showing clinton with a commanding lead pong potential contenders. taking a look right now, mrs. clinton favored by 53% of registered democrats in this hypothetical match-up. let's bring in our political panel, fox news contributor and average or of what's work. good to see both of you. >> good to be here. >> president secretary clinton and secretary clinton may attend the steak fry together but it would be -- anybody would be
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hard pressed not to see this as a fishing expedition at this steak fry. and as you both know, not a friendly territory for hillary clinton. let's find out so how does she get the fish back on the hook so to speak? obstacle secretary clinton must tackle out the gate and. >> if you look at 2008, one of the things that sort of bedevilled the campaign was the caucus states broadly, number one, she had an aide that said -- became public that she should avoid iowa. on the other hand, you this barack obama who excelled at the caucus states beyond iowa. so i think one of the things that needs to happen, should she decide to run, is that number one, you have to have a strategy beyond iowa and new hampshire. two, just being able to understand the complexity of a caucus and what that means and
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how you have to have people on the ground so early, i think those are the things that challenged her in 2008. >> yes, quite frankly, iowa has changed the rules in caucusing. so hopefully she'll have an easier time this time should she decide to run. >> you mentioned about the iowa caucuses in 2008. senator clinton at that time finished thirds behind senators barack obama and john edwards of north carolina. and critics were saying that clinton -- she was inaccessible and you pile on to that secretary clinton's recent backlack from some who were -- felt like they were not too keen on her recent criticism of president obama's middle east policy which was supposed to help hillary. >> would a race for the white house be an easy one for hillary clinton? >> i don't think so. i love your reference to fish at the steak free, surf and turf, i
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guess? >> the latest poll from nbc news and wall street journal showed that she begins this with a 41% negative. >> let me go lead and read that for our viewers and you can take it from there. we pop it up on the screen. 43 registered voters, compared with 41% who harbor negative views and that's a steep drop from february of 2009 when 59% viewed the newly confirmed secretary of state then positively and just 22% held negative views. so i'll get back to you because hillary clinton might be building a party infrastructure is your point. i want to talk about that strategy and give cal a chance to complete his thought. >> she's a familiar face, not new. people are settled in what they believe about her and going to be a significant number of people who following the first african-american president want the first woman president.
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it's a dangerous world out there now. the world is aflame. we have problems with russia and problems throughout the middle east and problems with terrorists, not only isis but in our own country. asked by diane soir to name accomplishes, she came up with superficial stuff. if you can't name your own accomplishments, what do you have to run on? >> getting back to your thoughts, which is maybe mrs. clinton is perhaps not necessarily looking to run ultimately but wants to make herself a team maker to go ahead and have much impact on the party and who might become the trd shal candidate. >> back to california, she has a run to run on in terms of backgrounds and experience. leets assume she stnt run for the moment. one of the things the clintons are fantastic is is undering how
11:47 am
to build party strukt you're and use the party infrastructure to support them and get hem to offer it and get them to make a difference once they are there. i think even if she decides not to run, what i think she can do is build the party infrastructure in a way that obama didn't. and i've said this publicly, i think the president in many ways has a disdain for politics. he just doesn't like it. >> you know, i'm listening to you. you're saying a lot but not giving me a lot of specifics here. >> i can say that if she goes to iowa, and that is a pattern for how we she will build party infrastrkt tour in that state and beyond. if she does not run, what i think could happen, she is bringing more people into the party. if you think her negative at 41 and positive is a 43 and think she's staying there. what she can do is build a party infrastructure and create a moment in a similar way obama
11:48 am
did that would benefit her or running for governor or senator or president. >> if in fact president obama and secretary clinton, they sit at the top of the political podium pole for the party and others are looking for those who to maken impact. is that a good discussion. >> i agree with the analysis we just heard. she and her husband would be a good structure building for the party. i think she's not going to run in the end. she's going to be a grandmother. she would be 69 years old. other than being the first woman president, she can get accolades from all kinds of various groups. why put yourself again through a presidential campaign? it's grueling and it is going to subject her to all kinds of attack. look at ron kessler's book, where she said secret service
11:49 am
agents dislike it so much they which it punish when assigned to her. >> the piranhas are out there. >> we don't describe the issue of grandchildren to a male running for president united states. just because she's a woman i think she would have more to talk about should she decide to run. >> as a female ks i'll give him the last word on that. california thomas, and michael, good to see both of you. >> all right. >> well, the car against isis, it's a war the white house and pentagon have called it that but the secretary of state says the wrong war is the wrong terminology he claims. can we win? coming up, a former senior cia official joins us next on what the west must do to as the
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both the pentagon and the white house say we're at war with isis, but secretary of state kerry calls it a massive counterterrorism operation and using the word war is the wrong terminology. how do we win? britain says no air strikes, turkey seems pretty uncertain, so what do we do because it seems pretty evident we are at war with isis. how do we kill them? >> well, it's good to be here. we are at war with isis. this is a hard thing for the administration to own up to. after all this president said he'd get the united states out of wars. he's now putting the united
11:54 am
states into the war in iraq. and he made this announcement on the anniversary of 9/11. i think we heard a half strategy this week. we're going to need troops on the ground, probably special forces. you and i discussed this before. i think which can prop up the kurdish forces and the iraqi army. i don't think that the rebels in syria are going to be a significant factor here and we may be looking at special forces in syria some time in the future from the u.s. >> when do you think the forces -- who will they be or where will they come from and what will they do? >> that's a big question because the president isn't anywhere near making that decision or at least admitting that he'll have to make that decision. he will be at sent com this week. isis can't be destroyed with air power alone and that the rebels in syria are completely infill traited by islamist jihadists. they won't be a factor in the
11:55 am
war in syria. we need more to knock them out here. >> i interviewed a representative of the syrian free arm yesterday. let's hear what he said about what they think they can do. does he they can win? >> well, you need a significant expansion and military aid. united states can take the lead with regional allies. a trained and equipped program led by the department of defense. ultimately air strikes against isis positions. >> so he says that they think they can triumph. do you believe that? >> i thought that was a great interview, eric, but first of all, he didn't announce possible collaboration with al qaeda. he didn't announce the accusation they sold the american journalist, sotloff, to isis. if you give us weapons we'll use them against assad. we won't fight against isis. the serious question is remaining here and whether this
11:56 am
is true or not, so that the so called moderate syrian rebels could be found, we won't find them in sufficient numbers and train them enough to play any significant role in the near future. >> so 30 seconds. what do you predict how this will roll out? >> i think the president's strategy will continue to evolve. he first said no troops on the ground, now no combat troops on the ground. i think there will be more advisers and moving to a special forces. >> air strikes when do you think? >> well, i heard this could happen within 30 days. i mean, the sooner the better to at least stop isis troops from moving. i think there could be human shield tactics so we'll need more than just air strikes. >> all right. you have terrific analysis, thank you so much for your perspective today here on the fox news channel. how can i ease this pain? (man) when i can't go, it's like rocks piling up. i wish i could find some relief. (announcer) ask your doctor about linzess-- a once-daily capsule for adults with ibs with constipation or chronic idiopathic constipation.
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can other brands say all that? for nutrition you can trust and your pet will enjoy... does your food go beyond? learn more at hello, i'm eric shawn. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> i'm arthel neville. investigators in pennsylvania questioning a person of interest afternoon after one state trooper is dead and another injured. we'll have the latest from -- the latest from the news conference that just wrapped up there. plus, have you heard the harsh accusations from the family of murdered american journalist james foley? well, they're speaking about about what they say was the obama administration's handling of their son's tragic case. they claim they were kept in the dark and even threatened with
12:01 pm
prosecution they say for trying to secure his release on their on. and american citizens overseas on high alert. warned to stay indoors amid reports of a quote eminent terror plot. where this is happening next. with an announcement of a potential suspect or person of interest in that tragic shooting that occurred at a state trooper barracks in pennsylvania, this after what appears to be that deliberate attack on the two state troopers last night. one young trooper was killed, and another in stable but critical condition. they were ambushed during a shift change last night. we have more from pennsylvania with the very latest. >> hi, eric. the pennsylvania state troopers just finished a press conference just moments ago and they said that person of interest that we reported earlier today, well, there's one of many hundreds
12:02 pm
they're interviewing. they still do not have a suspect. there is no suspect in custody. and they are still searching for that individual or individuals responsible for last night's ambush here in pennsylvania. it took place last night at 10:50 p.m. in blooming grove, here in pennsylvania, at a -- really at a trooper's barracks which is a police station in a wooded area 35 miles away from scranton, pennsylvania. now, this is actually located in a wooded area where there's a lot of hunting involved. what police are telling us that two troopers brian k. dixon and alex t. douglas were in the middle of the night shift change. when they were ambushed by an individual or individuals. brian dixon was shot and killed and died on scene. alex t. douglas, corporal douglas is in critical but stable condition. they have searched the wooded area throughout the entire night and they have yet to find the suspect. they believe the suspect is no
12:03 pm
longer or suspects are no longer in the immediate area. they're putting a high alert out to all local agencies in pennsylvania, in search for what they're calling a person who's an active shooter, somebody who's armed and dangerous. as a matter of fact, there is now a $20,000 reward for anyone that can offer any information as to who this individual or individuals are who committed this ambush. today, in the press conference, frank noonan the police state commissioner, talked about just how emotional this has been for the state troopers here in pennsylvania and for the other agencies in new york and new jersey that have really stepped in at -- stepped in since last night, using helicopters and roadblocks. last night and today, searching for this individual or individuals and as he said today, take a listen to what he said at this press conference about this suspect or suspects that they're looking for. >> this attack was an ambush. our troopers were leaving the barracks and were shot without warning and really had no chance to defend themselves.
12:04 pm
it's a cowardly attack. it's an attack upon all of us in society. >> reporter: so there you have it. we have an active shooter or multiple suspects that may be on the loose here in pennsylvania. the state troopers are in the middle of their investigation. all we know is that we are -- they and all of us are praying for the corporal in stable but critical condition and for the loved ones of brian k. dixon killed last night. again, they're using helicopters and roadblocks. we still don't know what to what extent this will happen, but the search in the immediate area here in pennsylvania, in pike county, has been extended. and we'll see everybody here in pennsylvania is on high alert. again, they did want to reiterate that if anybody has any information to call 1800-4-pa tips. a $20,000 reward and all agencies are on high alert for the active shooter. >> trooper dixon leaves behind a
12:05 pm
wife and two young children. one in kindergarten and one in second grade. we hope they get the people behind this. thank you. indeed. u.s. navy ships scouring the pacific for a missing pilot after two f/a-18 hornets went down in the middle of the ocean. know, one pilot ejected safely and taken back to the uss karl vincent. search teams have not spotted the wreckage. a navy commander can't detail the crash, but an investigation is underway. turning now to some new details from the heartbroken parents of murdered journalist james foley who as you know was beheaded by the savage terrorists of isis. the foleys say they learned about their son's death after a journalist called them to see if they had seen that news on television. well, this rather shocking
12:06 pm
revelation is one of several disturbing concerns that the foleys say they endured while their son was being held by the radical islamic terrorists. we have more from washington. >> reporter: hi, eric. foley's parents say they were threatened with prosecution for trying to secure their son's release in isis. a number paid millions to get their citizens back and it has been long standing u.s. policy not to pay ransom. but according to the foleys there were some communiques from those holding james saying the group was open to negotiation. >> i'd rather be in a prison here than my son being in a prison over there. nobody has ever been prosecuted for doing that. we were under a great deal of duress. and at that point, we had no -- no misgivings. >> it's part of our job to help families in the horrible situations, understand
12:07 pm
american's laws about paying money to ransom. that's part of our job and that law is not going to change. >> it's your own son and you have not been told that other activities were going on that might mitigate the situation, what do we as family have left? we had no other alternatives and we began to raise ransom. >> reporter: the foleys' interview was shining light on the pentagon's public disclosure of the failed rescue attempt in july to try to free foley among others. and since the disclosure, isis has changed its tactics and split up its hostages. the pentagon says it regrets having to disclose the information, but circumstances dictated at the time they needed to do so. eric, back to you. >> all right, leyland, thank you. the family of a british aid worker held by isis issuing a public plea to the terror group. in a statement the family of 44-year-old david haines says, quote, we are asking those
12:08 pm
holding david to make contact with us after killing two american journalists, isis threatened to kill him next. he was abducted in syria last year. and the u.s. embassy in uganda telling americans there to seek shelter. and stay safe. that after officials say they have uncovered what they call an imminent terror plot from the somali terrorist group al shabab. well, that foreign terrorist cell discovered in the east african country, the group has called for revenge attacks after u.s. drone strikes killed the leader earlier this month. all citizens there in uganda are being told to stay indoors or in a safe place away from crowds until they give the all clear. al shabab is believed to have been behind the massive deadly terror attack on the west gate shopping mall a year ago. ukraine is still in a quote, state of war, and russian president vladimir putin's ultimate goal is to take all of
12:09 pm
ukraine. that's according to ukraine's prime minister who is meeting with european officials to discuss the implementation of an agreement between kiev and the e.u. a move which the kremlin is not happy about. meanwhile, russia sending another convoy of quote, aid tracks into ukraine without their consent. ukraine claims the convoy could be the cover for an invasion. a mysterious respiratory virus is making its way to the northeast and it sent a bunch of children to the hospital. more than a dozen cases have been identified as enterovirus d-68. it especially affects children with asthma. doctors recommend taking basic sanitary precautions, including washing your hands a lot with soap and water. and the virus also happens to be
12:10 pm
transmitted through close contact with an infected person. let's go to louisiana now, where senator mary landrieu is making a big apology and signing an even bigger check as she blames quote sloppy bookkeeping for using federal money to pay for charter stops. >> mary landrieu is apologizing for what she called shoddy bookkeeping that included the campaign stops. her office has reimbursed the federal government for more than $30,000 for the trips. a statement from her office reads in part, the review stemmed from sloppy bookkeeping. i take full responsibility. they should have never happened and i apologize for this. the senator said a new system will prevent new mistakes. it requires the congressional
12:11 pm
members to allocate specific expenses for travel that imcolludes campaign events. landrieu is in a battle to keep her senate seat. a real clear politics average of poll shows her down slightly below her republican challenger in three polls. in a release, cassidy points to the fact that the senator is not releasing any flight records from prior to the rules change in 2002. reading in part, no matter how senator landrieu spins it, she billed taxpayers for dozens of them this century. she did not release flight records from 1997 to 2002. landrieu fully repaid the treasury with campaign funds. arthel, back to you. >> thanks. secretary of state john kerry is now taking part in high level attacks in egypt today. he met with the president of that country, as he tries to drum up support for the u.s. military strategy against isis. but how many arab allies will step up? what will they do? and what kind of military strategy will work?
12:12 pm
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search and rescue teams looking for navy pilot after two u.s. fighter jets crashed in the pacific ocean yesterday. the navy says the other pilot ejected safely and is in fair condition. the pakistani military blowing up dikes in the central part of the country. the swollen rivers, raging floods, have killed about 500 people and affected over 2 million others in that region. a wildfire burning in southern california's natural forest. 3,000 battling the flames as temperatures approach 100 degrees. dozens of homes have been evacuated. well the obama administration apparently a bit conflicted over exactly how to consider the military strategy against isis. white house and pentagon officials declare that we are indeed, quote, at war. with isis. but that view contradicted by
12:17 pm
what secretary of state john kerry said just one day earlier. molly henneberg live in washington now with more details on this controversy. so molly, what is the president today calling the strategy? >> reporter: he didn't call it war, but president obama said the u.s. and its allies need a quote targeted, relentless counterterrorism campaign against isis or isil. the islamic terrorist group. here's more. >> american military power is unmatched, but this can't be america's fight alone. and the best way to defeat a group like isil isn't by sending large numbers of american combat forces to wage a ground war in the heart of the middle east. that wouldn't serve our interests. in fact, it would only risk fuelling extremism even more. >> reporter: that all lines up with what secretary of state john kerry said earlier this week. the battle against isis is a very significant counterterrorism organization. he is working on a coalition to
12:18 pm
help fight isis and a campaign of air strikes against isis will go forward and that the u.s. is prepared to take action inside syria as well. eric? >> molly, some critics including republicans saying they think there's a political reason between, you know, calling it either a war or not. and calling it a counterterrorism operation. >> former republican presidential candidate huckabee said that the president is trying to quote satisfy his left wing base. >> how hard is to it to say we're at word with terrorists? we are at war with isis. it truly lies to the level of the clear and the present danger and we have a president going to the dictionary to see if he can find a better word for war. >> reporter: today president obama said that the intelligence community has not picked up specific threats to the u.s. homeland from isis, but we need
12:19 pm
to remain vigilant. >> that we do. let's bring in susan to talk about this more. susan is the chief correspondent, and we showed that clip of governor huckabee. he seems to be baffled that the administration can't agree on semantics. i want to talk to you from your perspective there in d.c., do you know if there's a reason behind this dispute over which words to use? >> oh, sure. i think the governor made an important point. don't forget the president ran as someone who was going to end the wars in iraq and afghanistan. then he ran for a second term as the president who basically accomplished those goals and shrunk the threat of terrorism. here we are with the growing threat of isis, and the president is in a tough position now. how se what -- how is he going to say we need to declare war when he's been saying that the threat of terrorism has gone
12:20 pm
away and he's grown his base by being a president who is against war and he has been on the world's stage as a president who has talked about shrinking the threat of terrorism by shrinking the american military presence on the world stage. all of these things are in conflict now. that's why you hear the president and the administration down playing the idea of this being a war. yet on the other hand it's a big threat. we know it. we watch unfortunately those horrific videos of american journalists being brutally murdered. we see the threat of isis. yet, you hear his military folks talking about this as a war because they see it as a -- the threat that it is. but on the political side, you have the president and john kerry don't forget, another anti-war figure from the past decade talking about this as less than that. that's where the conflict lies. >> yeah. of course, you know, you certainly can't extract the political implications from this at all. but you did mention the world community, the world stage. does using the term war affect
12:21 pm
allies and enemies as well in that world community we are talking about then also bringing that idea back here at home, does the word war affect the american's public psyche? >> sure. for the first part of the question, yes, it does. you know, you have heard republican lawmakers say that these words do matter. if we're going to take this attitude that there isn't a war, thus we're not being aggressive in going after isis, that could empower this terrorist group by looking like we're taking a soft approach. on the other hand, what are the political implications here? we're 50 days away from the november election. it's really important for democrats to bring their base out. a lot of their base don't like the idea of us going to war. that's why you hear the president saying no boots on the ground. that's why you're hearing him saying it's not a war. he's an anti-war president. he's in a tough position right now and it's also putting america in a tough position because we want to look like
12:22 pm
we're being really aggressive in combating this terrorist threat. >> regardless of whatever politically tough position any candidate may or may not be in, listen, this is serious and it should be taken seriously and of course as you mentioned midterm elections are just around the corner. do you think, susan, again from where you sit there in d.c. that after everybody's run and ducked for cover politically that after the election has taken place that perhaps congress and the president and the administration can get on board with what this thing is called and come up with a cohesive strategy to attack it? >> that's really an important question, arthel. i think the answer to that is yes. from what i'm hearing on capitol hill, that we can expect there to be a potential vote in congress about bombings after the election. because right now they're saying the president has the authority. there's sort of this agreement between the president and congress right now that he won't ask them for authority to expand military air strikes by saying he has authority under the 2002
12:23 pm
resolution. allowing them to go after terrorists in iraq and afghanistan. so it sounds like this was going to hold until after the election and then as you say, we'll see even more expanded military presence in the area. and perhaps a request for authorization from congress. >> yeah. susan, we have to wrap up, but i'm going to you in some information you were talking about 50 days, that's a long time for the enemy to get their plan in action and to become a greater threat to us in the region. so i'm wondering if you know if military officials are staying out of that political game and continuing with some sort of strategy? >> well, absolutely. you know, there's going to be an effort to arm the allies in the area who are trying to combat isis. i think congress will agree to that this week. and so there's this effort there and there's also the targeted strikes that are there to not only protect american interests but to help start dissipate the threat of isis as well. so there are things happening on
12:24 pm
the ground right now. so it's not like we're going to be waiting until after the election. but it's going along very carefully for those political reasons we talked about. i think we'll hear more about it after the november election. >> always good to talk to you. arthel, have you heard about this one, a new abuse case in the nfl. roger goodell was put on the hot seat over his handling of the ray rice case. well overnight, another nfl superstar has been taken into custody. coming up our legal panel will weigh in on what is going on off the field in the nfl. also, we're going to look back, 200 years at the history of the battle of baltimore when our star spangled banner flew high over ft. mchenry, inspiring our national anthem.
12:25 pm
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12:29 pm
it's the bottom of the hour. now time for the top of the news. the u.s. interests in uganda are telling citizens to seek shelter after officials uncovered an imminent -- >> from the somali group al shabab, ugandan police say they have arrested several suspects who were plotting a terror attack in the capital of kampala. top officials in the obama administration at odds over the military strategy against isis. the mixed messages coming after white house and pentagon officials declared the u.s. was quote at war with the militant group, just one day after secretary of state john kerry called it a counterterror operation. and police in pennsylvania questioning a person of interest in the shooting of two state troopers, which killed one trooper and has left another in critical but stable condition. the brazen attack happened last
12:30 pm
night outside a police barracks nearby scranton. the officers were ambushed during a shift change. even more trouble for the nfl today. the league now dealing with yet another abuse scandal after minnesota vikings star running back adrian peterson is booked on child abuse charges. we have more. >> rather ugly photographs of the wounds almost suffered by the 4-year-old son, being published by tmz. he was booked around 1:00 a.m. this morning. well, a short while ago, montgomery county district attorney office briefed the media saying peterson had been released on a $15,000 bail. >> the mental state that's reflected in the indictment is that he did so with criminal negligence or recklessly. that's a state felony in the
12:31 pm
state of texas, punishable with up to two years in the state jail and up to a $10,000 fine. >> last night, peterson's attorney defended his client's actions in this statement. he used the same kind of discipline with his child that he experienced as a child growing up in east texas. adrian never intended to harm his son. indeed he regrets the unintentional injury. well, this creates fresh pressure on the nfl commissioner roger goodell after his questionable handling of the ray rice incident. last month he introduced a policy to ban players for at least a year after a second violent offense. this week, he said greg hardy will be subject to the new rules. even though he was found guilty of threatening and assaulting a female before it was introduced and also, ray mcdonald suspected of abusing his pregnant
12:32 pm
girlfriend is subject to the new policy, goodell says. back to you. >> dominic don atelly, thank you. good handoff a moment ago. well now two high profile abuse scandals hitting the nfl and also growing calls for an outside investigation on how the league handles domestic violence cases. some calling for the commissioner roger goodell to step down is that fair? robert shlack is a defense attorney and former prosecutor. and robert and richard, welcome. richard, first, they announced -- the nfl announces that the former fbi director robert mueller is going to investigate the ray rice case. should there be a widespread panel to examine the behavior of the players off the field or is that not fair? >> look, you handle things on a case by case basis. the nfl is an employer, an organization. because bank of new york or any other corporation has problems withnary employees you don't call for outside help. here, i think the nfl is doing the right thing.
12:33 pm
they're calling in an investigator, much like chris christie did as governor. he called in a law firm to investigate whether anything was mishandled. the same type of thing for the nfl. they need to take in house responsibility of what's happening and determine if there needs to be any change in policies. >> robert, legally have they taken the appropriate action? >> yes. i think the idea of a panel is a good idea. they can use community resources, people who work with domestic violence victims and get opinions on out they can deter this stuff from continuing but also in an effort to rehabilitate these guys. most of them have no criminal records. make sure they take in peterson's case, parenting classes. and so this doesn't happen again. >> corporations have like, you know, sexual abuse type of -- hostile work -- >> training. >> do they do that in the nfl or is that overreach? >> no, the question is the nfl
12:34 pm
doing enough to control the players' behavior off the field? they can do more to control them off the field by offering the same type of things that the corporations offer. like in miami, the incident with the race. the nfl is a microcosm of what issues the united states are. so certainly taking steps to minimize them. >> a very important point. they're very prominent. stars make millions of dollars a year. but you're in a sense right. that these are the problems that we face throughout the country. >> right. we deal with this every single day in the criminal courthouse. we have clients who don't want to proceed such as in the ray rice condition. sometimes people punish their kids and overstep and get arrested. how they act can help dictate some of the policies you may see in the d.a.s will adopt. >> the sports stars are looked at as idols so their behavior is
12:35 pm
scrutinized. should we try to help them? certainly. we don't want people repeating that off the field too. >> in terms of the roger goodell/ray rice situation, there are calls for him to step down. do you think that's fair? he had a meeting that rice says -- there were some am ambiguity in what he said. no, rice told him to his face that he -- that he hit his fiancee. >> classic he said/he said, and pointing fingers. you know, roger goodell, you know, knew what happened irrespective of what the video showed. >> does it matter if he saw the tape himself? >> i don't think it matters. i think he took a lot of heat for the two game suspension and i think this is his ability now to back track from that and give a tougher punishment. i don't think he needed to see it to know what happened. >> because they got that voice mail from some female woman, executive maybe saying it's terrible. while the nfl says they don't know -- they didn't see the tape.
12:36 pm
>> i agree that he didn't need to see the video to know what happened. ray rice was charged with third degree aggravated assault. the police report will tell you he hit his wife. whether he lied -- if he lied he doesn't have the credibility to move forward. how can you as a commissioner judge everybody else and discipline everybody else if you're sitting there and lying? that's an important factor, what he knew and when he knew it. >> what do you think happens? how do prow predict that the nfl deals with this? >> they complete the internal investigation and determine if they need to change any policies. try to get to the bottom of what the commissioner knew and when he knew it and in addition, change some policies. make sure that everybody is treated equally in the nfl. if you commit domestic violence, this is your punishment, period. >> robert, do you think that will happen? >> i do, but i think a lot goes towards what people are subsequently convicted of. allegations are allegations. convictions are convictions. two very different things and you have to make sure that's a middle road they can reach that
12:37 pm
punishment fits the conviction not necessarily the violation. >> you have to be fair. >> that's right. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. the fbi is not investigating, i wanted to clear that up. the former director of the fbi. robert mueller, who has been called in by the nfl to have this kind of quasi outside/inside investigation. they'll be looking into that. thank you. >> okay, eric, thank you. a dramatic water rescue of the florida coast after two snorkelers found themselves stranded. and a new round of sanctions being slapped on russia because of its involvement in ukraine. but is that enough to deter vladimir putin from taking further actions in the region? i. so's his serve. but like up to 90% of us, jim falls short in getting important nutrients from food alone. jim, here's $2 off one a day multivitamins to get key nutrients you may need. go to for savings. research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives.
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well, two stranded snorkelers are back safe after a rescue operation, it happened in
12:42 pm
miami. they drifted too far from the boat and they began to panic. eventually they did catch the attention of someone on shore who called for help. the current was so strong they had trouble swimming. they were afraid they wouldn't make it out alive but thankfully they're fine. >> thankfully they're fine. escalating pressure on russian president vladimir pu n putin, the u.s. and european union slapping new sanctions on moscow. for its intervention in ukraine. the measures target major energy, financial and defense companies. now, this as 15 nato members are getting set for large scale military exercises on monday in ukraine. so what does this mean for our relationship with russia? joining me is ambassador dennis ross, and also a counselor at the washington institute for near east policy. good to see you. >> nice to be with you. >> we'll start there. does putin even care about his relationship or russia's relationship with the u.s.? look, he doesn't want to
12:43 pm
relinquish power. he wants to maintain leverage and pressure. so how can the u.s. or anyone else for that matter, u.n. -- the u.n. leaders especially or e.u. leaders how can anybody involved here be certain that putin's not playing a duplicitous game? >> well, i don't think we can be because his track record so far has been precisely that he says one thing and does something else. i think that he has certain interests and he has certain needs. and these sanctions actually do have an effect on the russian economy. that is something that matters to him to be sure. i would say that on the one hand, we have to recognize that when he defines as something as fundamentally in his interest and he clearly does not want the separatists in ukraine to lose, he's prepared to pay a price for that. so what we have seen so far is he's been prepared that sanctions would be imposed and would cost russia, but helicopthe wants to be in a position that he can influence what ukraine's
12:44 pm
behavior will be and the future reality in the eastern part of ukraine is going to be. at a minimum, there's a level of autonomy. maybe he will press for more than that. but maybe also the kind of sanctions that are being imposed will give him some reason for pause. there is a cease-fire now. the reason the sanctions have been imposed even though the cease-fire has been agreed is because putin's track record is such you can't take what he says. you have to see what he does. this is an effort to make it clear to him, if you fulfill the 12 points of the cease-fire, the sanctions we are imposing now can be rescinded. >> and meanwhile, it looks like ukraine is open to a compromise with russia. i ask you, would a solution be even possible without the presence of the nato troops that would be there conducting the military exercises that we first mentioned in the lead to this story or pressure from e.u. leaders and especially pressure from the u.s.?
12:45 pm
>> well, i do think that the pressure is very important. in some ways it may be more important for what happens beyond ukraine. three baltic members that used to be part of the soviet union but are now members of -- members of the nato alliance, it's very important to send a message that nato takes what russia is doing seriously. that the fact it's not respecting borders, the invileability of borders and if russia takes aggression beyond ukraine and within ukraine itself, if it doesn't reverse its behavior that the price that russia going to pay economically will go up. it's not really about ukraine, but about the baltic states. >> you talk about the economic pressures against russia. it seemed to be working at least momentarily. i would like you to expound more in terms of why that's working and can you again, you know, most people just in layman's
12:46 pm
terms you look at putin you don't trust whatever he's doing. it seems to be maybe he's sort of posturing and pulling back momentarily to pounce once again later. >> well, i do think -- if we divide this into two parts. the economic pressures are real because they affect russia in a couple of ways. russia depends heavily on being able to extract oil and it needs in new areas like the arctic, it doesn't have the technology to be able to extract the oil which is so critical to the economy. it gets that technology basically from europe or from here. so these sanctions would make it difficult if not impossible to get access to that technology. the sanctions also affect the russia's ability to borrow money in the financial markets. they have some very big debts in some their companies so if they can't borrow, then they have to draw down on governmental funds. that presents a cost on the one hand. as for putin and looking at what he says and what he does, again,
12:47 pm
putin looks at the former soviet union and looks at it with a kind of wistful quality. he wants russia to have sphere of influence in russia. you take that too far, take it beyond what's acceptable, take it beyond just having good relations and trying to deny some of the countries their ability to have good relations with us and you will pay a price for that. i think if we want the russians to operate in a way that respects certain rules of the game, we need to impose this kind of a price. i think the pressure we're imposing is having some effect but we have to recognize that putin is someone who will say one thing as i said before, and do something else. >> exactly. that leads me to this. what about 1,000 russian military personnel in ukraine, so called aid trucks still there. i mean, are these just -- you know, objects if you will of
12:48 pm
intimidation tactics by putin? >> well, they're both. they're one intimidation tactics but they also leave his options open. as long as they're there, he can destabilize and take more territory or the separatists can any time they want. unless they withdraw the forces which is one of the 12 points of the cease-fire plan, then it's pretty clear if you have a plan, he's not living up to it. let's see if he withdraws the forces. that would be a sign that things are moving in the right direction. >> yes. it's not russian roulette but russian chess game. dennis ross, thank you very much. that brings me to the next question, what strategy advice does a chess grand master have for our president when it comes to taking on vladimir putin? find out tomorrow when chess champ and human rights activist gary kasparov joins maria bartiromo right here on the fox news channel. >> sounds like a fascinating
12:49 pm
interview. well, you know the star spangled banner is marking a major milestone. did you know it's turning 200 years old? well, coming up, we'll show you the creative ways some people are celebrating the familiar part of our proud american heritage. when your favorite food starts a fight fight back fast with tums. relief that neutralizes acid on contact... ...and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! try great tasting tums chewy delights. yummy.
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marking a proud moment in american hisly it weekend. -- history this weekend. for a look, here's liz trotta. >> reporter: 200 years ago, this weekend, a 35-year-old lawyer stood on a ship in baltimore harbor watching the merciless british attack on fort mchenry. it was a grim struggle in american history known as the war of 1812. just a few weeks earlier, british land forces rampaged through washington. burning down public buildings, most notably the white house. president madison fled to the countryside as the royal navy entered chesapeake bay. the young lawyer was diplomatic protection had boarded a ship in the enemy's fleet and petitioned for release of a fellow american. once there, however, the assault began and he was forced to witness the 25 hour bombardment
12:54 pm
of his countrymen. and what a sight it was, the red glaer, rockets -- glare, rockets lit up the night sky, hissing sounds announcing death. bomb's burst in the air at dawn's early light, suddenly it all went quiet. the mist of seas and battle cleared, and our young lawyer, francis scott key beheld the american flag, 15 stars and 15 stripes still waving over fort mchenry. so struck by this image, key, who was also an apyring poet -- aspiring poet set words to paper. he called the defense of for the mchenry. eyewitness battle report about the land of the free and the home of the brave. as for the music, some say that the key wrote the lyric an old british tune came to mind. one single pubs, its title, to an ak reon in hooechb celebrated
12:55 pm
an ancient greek poet. appropriately the song caught on and played at baseball games as early as 1862, and at the 1918 world series. in 1916, president wilson issued an executive order making it the country's official anthem. and 1931, congress confirmed the order. the star spangled banner became our calling card and our spirit. some dark moments have marred the anthem's history, such as a composition of alternate anthems to satisfied some disgruntled group, entertainers vie for a chance to sing it in public often with disturbing results. singer michael bolten forgot the words, all purpose freak roe yan bar delivered a singularly off key and vulgar rendition. happily these are offset by the
12:56 pm
millions of americans who are riveted to attention at the first chord. as for the flag, it rests in the smithsonian, but another and another has taken its place over the fort through all these years. long may it wave. >> and some people are marking the bicentennial their own way as corn maze are celebrating with corn. the birthplace, for the mchenry a shift in the word 200 years with corn. >> it is a stirring symbol of our american spirit. >> absolutely, and stick around, right now a healthy you and carroll alt, i'm back with you at 4:30 eastern. so we quit sells in our cvs pharmacies. expanded minuteclinic, for walk-in medical care. and created programs that encourage people to take their medications regularly. introducing cvs health.
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